Nossos 'brimos' viveram antes dos dinossauros...

quarta-feira, julho 29, 2009

Caracas, mano, nossos 'brimos' antecedem aos dinossauros...


Early human relative predates even dinosaurs
Tree-dwelling vertebrate, just identified, lived 260 million years ago

The skeleton of the tree-climbing synapsid Suminia getmanov, a 260-million-year-old animal which scientists believe was the first known tree-dweller. The tiny, agile animal predated the arrival of the dinosaurs and was a distant relative of humans and other mammals.

The world's first known tree-dwelling vertebrate has just been identified, according to a new study. The tiny, agile animal lived 30 million years before the first dinosaurs and was a distant relative of mammals, including humans.

More than 15 near-complete skeletons of the 260-million-year-old animal, named Suminia getmanovi, reveal that it was built for an arboreal lifestyle.

"As the first tree-climbing vertebrate, Suminia had very long fore and hind limbs, with especially long hands and feet," lead author Jorg Frobisch told Discovery News.


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